Frances Hay

Novelist & Short Story Writer

About me

I am a psychologist turned novelist and short story writer, born in New England and now living in Wales, where I am  Professor Emerita at Cardiff University. I was awarded a PhD in psychology from the University of North Carolina and an MPhil in Creative Writing from the University of South Wales. My first novel, The Night Fogs, is available from Holland House Books.


The Night Fogs

The Night Fogs is set in the not-too-distant future in the post-Brexit, newly independent country of Wales. Cardiff is a city under siege, smothered in fogs that sweep in at dusk and swirl around all night, disturbing people’s minds. One winter morning, when the fogs lift,  a mysterious baby is discovered on the standing stones in a city park: this changes everything. The Night Fogs is a sharply topical and moving story that explores divisions between communities, friends, family members and even parts of ourselves.

‘A wonderful blend of legend and the speculative…a timely novel that demands to be read’    – David Towsey

‘A highly original work, touching on paganism, militarism and psychotherapy, and anchored in the relationship of two very different sisters’     – Jon Blake

Book Cover of The Night Fogs

Short Fiction

My short fiction has been published by online and print literary magazines and is included in two anthologies.

‘Chameleon’ Café Aphra

‘The Foxes.’ damselfly press

‘A Stake in the Future.’ Persimmon Tree

‘Two Novembers.’ Mulfran Press

‘Iconography.’ Café Aphra

‘The Witches of Cardiff.’ The Lampeter Review

‘A Bad Date.’ In B. Llewellyn (Ed.), Secondary character and other stories. Opening Chapter Press.

Book Cover of Secondary Character And Other Stories


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